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CleanMAX+ Complete Pond Cleaner

8oz PondMax CleanMAX+ treats 4800g $30

16oz PondMax CleanMAX+ treats 9600g $40.

32oz PondMax CleanMAX+ treats 19200g $50.

64oz PondMax CleanMAX+ treats 38400g $80

1 gal PondMax CleanMAX+ treats 76800g $135.


CleanMAX+ is a specifically designed formula to clear pond water quickly and efficiently. It also works to eliminate and prevent unwanted aquatic debris. It cleans in seconds of application to remove debris and clean the pond from top to bottom. Use CleanMAX+ on waterfalls, plant pots & streams. When using CleanMAX+ always make sure there is vigorous aeration using a waterfall, bubbler, fountain, air stone or spitter. CleanMAX+ requires heavy aeration, especially in hot weather.

Pond Size Calculation: L X W X Avg Depth X 7.5 = Gallons

Instructions: Apply directly to the affected area once per week at the prescribed rate.


Creates a Healthy and clear aquatic environment

Reduces overall Pond maintenance

Works to eliminate unwanted aquatic debris.


8 oz (03PT010)Treats: 4,800 Gallons

16 oz (03PT011)Treats: 9,600 Gallons

32 oz (03PT012)Treats: 19,200 Gallons

64 oz (03PT013)Treats: 38,400 Gallons

1 Gal (03PT014)Treats: 76,800 Gallons

2.5 Gal (03PT015)Treats: 192,000 Gallons