PondMAX SF650/SF750/SF1000 All-In-One Filter Kit

SF750 All-in One Filter 9watt UV,666GPH,20ft cord   $370

SF1000 All-In-One Filter 13watt UV,950GPH, 20ft cord. $ 465


The PondMAX Ultra-Series All-In-One Filter system is a submersible unit that enhances, cleans and maintains a healthy water feature, fish pond, Water garden or Fountain.

This all-in-one submersible pond filter system is compact in design and does not require complicated plumbing, which makes for a dramatically simple filter installation. This pump also comes with a UV clarifier which enhances pond water clarity by combating green water algae so you’ll have beautiful, crystal clear water in your garden pond.

The PondMax All In One Pond Filtration System is unique: it has 3 biological filtration compartments complete with zeolite for biological filtration and filter pads for “polishing” the Pond Water.

Unlike other “all in one” Pond Filter solutions, the PondMax All in One Pond Filtration system is easily taken apart for cleaning and minimal effort is needed to put the unit back together. The included UV filter is a 13-watt Ultraviolet Clarifier which is stronger than other all in one filter solutions provide (most all in one pond filter systems come with a 9 watt UV).


This pond filter system is perfect for ponds ranging in size from 500 gallons that contain fish and get direct sunlight and up to to 1,000 gallons for ponds that do not contain fish and are shaded from the sun. The max flow for this pump is 660 GPH, the UV-C size is 13 watts, and the cable length is 30 feet. This pump is also low voltage to ensure safety.

If you want to make your garden pond maintenance easy and stress-free, you need an all-in-one submersible pond filter system.


All-in-One Unit with a Compact Design

Built-In UV Clarifier

Maximum Pond Size Without Fish Shaded:1,000 Gallons

Maximum Pond Size With Fish Full Sun:500 Gallons

2 Year Manufacturer's warranty