PondMAX EV700 Skimmer/Water Feature Pump $270

PondMAX Evo II EV Series Skimmer and Water Feature Pump

PondMAX EV900 Skimmer/Water Feature Pump $290

PondMAX EV1200 Skimmer/Water Feature Pump $320

PondMAX EV1800 Skimmer/Water Feature Pump $350

PondMAX EV2400 Skimmer/Water Feature Pump $420

PondMAX EV3000 Skimmer/Water Feature Pump $435

PondMAX EV3600 Skimmer/Water Feature Pump $485


The new range of skimmer & water feature pumps provide proven quality and utilize extremely low wattage. They come with a range of adapters and fountain kits are available separately. Threaded intake to adapt optional prefilter or to run externally. Suitable for fresh water applications.

The EV Series Pumps are ideal for waterfalls and water features. With advanced asynchronous motor design and wear resistant ceramic bearings, they are suitable for both submersible and non submersible applications.


Extremely Energy Efficient

Submersible/Internal Compatible

Anti-Clog Impeller Design

SMART MAG Built-in Motor Protection

3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Cable Length (FT) 32 feet

Model Description

Max Water Flow (GPH)

Maximum Head (FT)

Power Consumption (W)

EV700                                        700GPH                            10                                                    23

 EV900                                      900GPH                            14                                                    32

EV1200                                      1200GPH                          15.5                                                  45

EV1800                                     1800GPH                           16                                                    60

EV2400                                   2400GPH                           20                                                   100

EV3000                                    3000GPH                          21                                                    125

EV3600                                   3600GPH                           22                                                   160