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PondMAX Ultra Pressurized Filters

How to Backwash PondMax Filter

PF1200UV Pressure Filter w/ 13W UVC $499

PF2400UV Pressure Filter w/ 18 W UVC $599

PF3600UV Pressure Filter w/ 24W UVC $699

PF4800UV Pressure Filter w/ 36 W UVC $799

PF7200UV Pressure Filter w/ 55 W UVC $999



NEW Pondmax Ultra Series Pressure Filters provide a smart and efficient solution for new or existing water features, fish ponds, water gardens and fountains. The great new user-friendly design comes with a low maintenance backwash rinsing system. Comes with or without UV and the cleaning indicator lets you know when it's time to backwash the filter. What could be easier?

The PondMAX Pressure Filter is a complete filtration system for crystal clear water.

Clears up green water & Cleans Ponds Fast.

Multi-stage cleaning with dual action bio sponges.

Low maintenance backwash rinsing system - simply turn the switch to backwash mode and turn the handle to clean sponges.

Built-in cleaning and UV indicators.

Can be used in-line with waterfalls and water features.

The unit can be buried in the ground beside your pond.

Recommended flow and pond sizes are based on typical ponds with average sun exposure and fish stock.

PF1200 comes with foam. PF2400 and above come with both foam and bio-balls!

Units with an Optional UV come with a 16' Power Cord

2 Year Warranty

NOTE: Heavily stocked ponds in full sun positions may require greater filtration than below.


13watt UV.  1200gal no fish/shaded 600gal fish/full sun. 1200 max flow rate. 16ft cord


18watt UV.  2400gal no fish/shaded 1200gal fish/full sun. 2400 max flow rate. 16ft cord


24watt UV.  3600gal no fish/shaded 1800gal fish/full sun. 3200 max flow rate. 16ft cord


36watt UV.  4800gal no fish/shaded 2400gal fish/full sun. 3600 max flow rate. 16ft cord


55watt UV.  7200gal no fish/shaded 3600gal fish/full sun. 4000 max flow rate. 16ft cord