Pond and Water Garden Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size pump do I need?

A: A pump is an essential piece of equipment for your pond. The pump you should use is

based on the size of your pond and the pump capacity (gallons of water moved per hour). The pump should circulate the entire pond at least once per hour. Therefore, a 2000-gallon pond would require a pump that has a capacity of at least 2000 gallons per hour.

Q: Can I turn my pump off at night?

A: It is recommended that you keep the pump running at all times, especially if there are

fish in the pond. Aeration is vital to the health of your fish, and turning off your pump at night may be harmful.

Q: Can I move a fish from a natural water source to my water garden?

A: It is never advised to do so. Fish can host a variety of bacteria and parasites. As a result,

other pond life may be harmed. Also, fish from your water garden should never be released into a natural water source.

Q: How many fish can I have in my pond?

A: It depends on both the type of fish and the size of the fish. For goldfish, it is

recommended that there is between ten and twenty gallons of water per fish. For Koi, the

recommendation is determined by the size of the koi.

Small Koi ( 2" - 8" ) : 100 - 150 gallons per fish

Medium Koi ( 8" - 14" ) : 250 - 300 gallons per fish

Large Koi ( 14" - 24" ) : 400 - 500 gallons per fish Jumbo Koi ( 24" - 36" ) : 750 - 900 gallons per fish

Q: What are the benefits of adding plants to my pond?

A: Aquatic plants will provide shade, natural filtration, reduce algae growth and help

complete the nitrogen cycle. Also, plants look great around the pond and soften the look of any retaining walls.

Q: Should I have a UV sterilizer in my pond?

A: Yes! A UV sterilizer has many benefits; it maintains the clarity of the water, it controls algae in a chemical-free way, and it eliminates bad bacteria.