We are available for on-site professional consultation services for new and existing ponds.

$150.00 per hour (up to 1 hour)- 15 minute increments thereafter.

House Call

Visits that last less than 30 minutes can incur a $125 house call charge.

Spring Opening

As the water temperature of your pond approaches 50 degrees it is time to start up your pond for the season. A majority of the time, it is recommended that your pond be completely drained and cleaned to ensure a fresh and healthy start to the new season. Prices of the opening services vary based on pond size (gallons).

As part of our opening service, we will:

-Completely drain the pond, if necessary, and place any fish in external reservoir.

-Power wash the interior rocks and liner.

-Remove leaves and large debris.

-Vacuum out any remaining sludge, sand, and other organic matter.

***Excess amounts of gravel, rocks, or overgrown plants will incur additional charges.

-Begin to refill the pond with enough water to re-introduce the fish.

*It is the pond owner’s responsibility to continue to fill the pond to the proper level.*

-Add necessary water conditioners.

-Install new and/or existing pond equipment.

-Check connections to ensure there are no leaks.

*If the pump is located in the skimmer, we may be unable to stay and wait for the pond to fill to the proper level due to the additional time that it may take. Therefore, the pond owner will need to check for leaks after the water level is full and the system is running.

In-Season Maintenance

Pond Closing (Winterizing)

When the water temperature of your pond reaches 50 degrees, it is time to close down the pond for the winter. Fish cannot digest food below 50 degree water temperature. Leaving your pond equipment (UV Sterilizer, Pump, Filter, Pond Lights) out in the cold weather can cause damage. It is important to “winterize” your pond to prevent any damage to your fish and/or equipment.

As part of our Winterizing Service, we will:

-Remove and rinse the pump, filter, and UV sterilizer.

-Possibly do partial water change to lower the ammonia level. We do not completely drain the pond during Pond Closing.

-Test the water chemistry and salinity level. Add salt if needed.

-Install pond netting. The netting will help keep out leaves from the pond and discourage predators from hunting the fish.

-Cut back the hearty plants and sink them to the bottom of the pond to prevent freezing.

-Remove and discard tropical plants (water hyacinths, tropical marginals, tropical lilies).

-Install aeration unit and/or heater.

-Add beneficial cold-water bacteria if needed.

***Prices of the winterizing services vary based on pond size (gallons).