PondMax Premium Spring & Fall Wheat Germ Fish Food

2 lb Medium Pellet - PondMAX Spring & Fall Wheat Germ Diet $40

5 lb Medium Pellet - PondMAX Spring & Fall Wheat Germ Diet $50


PondMAX Premium Spring & Fall Wheat Germ Diet offers exceptional digestibility for koi and ornamental goldfish during cooler water temperatures (down to 40 degrees ferenheight).

It's important in colder temperatures to use a premium wheat germ diet because these cooler temperatures slow down the metabolism of your fish and greatly reduce the pond's biological activity. Using PondMax Premium Spring and Fall Wheat germ diet minimizes stress and fish waste. Most of all it helps maintain the overall pond and fish health. These highly digestible, floating pellets bring your fish to the surface of the water so you can visually observe the growth and health of each fish.

Formulated with quality ingredients to help optimize the growth, color, and health of your fish while maintaining clear water and minimal waste.

Formulated with wheat germ to provide exceptional digestibility

A nutritionally balanced formulation for Koi and Goldfish

Fortified with vitamins and Nutrients for optimal health

Formulated for cooler water temperatures above 40 degrees but below 60 degrees (measured in Fahrenheit)

Minimizes fish stress and waste for cleaner water

Resealable bag keeps food fresh

Easy to digest

Minimal waste for cleaner, clearer water

4MM Floating Pellet

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (minimum): 32%

Crude Fat (minimum): 6.0%

Crude Fiber (maximum): 5.0%

Ash (maximum): 8.0%